If you are interested in an MD job search in South Ventura County, it’s safe to say you’ll also be attracted to its low-key location, country feel and proximity to Los Angeles. After all, The USDA Economic Research Service rated Ventura County the most desirable county to live in the 48 states, with mild, sunny winters, temperate summers, low humidity, and access to water. South Ventura County is also in close proximity to Santa Barbara County, California, Kern County, California, and Los Angeles County, California.

MDs are also attracted to top salaries, knowing that housing prices in the highly desirable area of Conejo Valley range from $700,000 to $2.2 million. The good news is that there are many creeks, river canyons and mountains to enjoy- let alone the Pacific Ocean and the great city life in Los Angeles.  Job openings in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine are top tier calls to action for South Ventura County.

Vista Del Mar Ventura County Medical Center, Los Robles Hospital, and Community Memorial Hospital serve the population of South Ventura County. There are a small number of medical clinics, urgent care facilities and surgery centers, making South Ventura County very competitive for MD Jobs.

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